April 4, 2017

Excellent Service

"The most recent fire resulted in smoke pouring into our living room, we went outside and saw smoke exiting the chimney but knew something was not right. Phoned Top Job Chimney Cleaning & spoke with a very nice woman who got us in within 48 hours. The gentlemen showed up to our house on time and was very professional. A full assessment was completed and he did not have to reschedule a cleaning but took care of it while he was there. I appreciate the dedication to the job and professionalism. The price was very reasonable and I will be scheduling regular check-ups to ensure our house does not burn down. As a side note, we only burn oak, pecan, and cherry so it' s not just pine that will build up and cause problems. "
March 7, 2017


"I called Tob Job Chimney Cleaning to inspect and clean my chimney fireplace as I was planning a big family get together and wanted to make sure everything was safe and good to do. They provided prompt service and were very reasonable. I highly recommend giving Top Job a call! "
March 7, 2017

Quick Service

"Contacted Top Job Cleaning Cleaning to inspect a suspicious chimney in a recently purchased home. They arrived on time and were professional. There rate are affordable too and it gave us a peace a mind "
January 13, 2017

"We had fire coming out of our chimney last time we lit a fire in our fireplace. I knew something was wrong. I called Top Job Chimney Cleaning and a very helpful lady was able to schedule an inspection within 2 days. The person they sent out found the problem and fixed it on the spot!"