Chimney Inspections & Sweeping on Beaufort, SC

Top Job Chimney Cleaning, LLC offers a full line of chimney and venting system services. Our experts are equipped to address all of your maintenance and safety needs. Our service portfolio includes:

Chimney inspections

The National Fire Protection Association recommends homeowners have their chimney inspected at least once a year. A chimney typically needs cleaning after every cord of wood you burn. Our thorough cleaning and inspection methods keep your chimney clear and remains safe. Your chimney inspection in the Beaufort, SC area includes a thorough evaluation of your chimney, to detect any issues that may interfere with operation. Our highly effective diagnostic tools allow us to solve issues before they become problems.

Chimney sweeping

Over time, creosote build-up in your chimney can create dangerous conditions that lead to fires. Our experts use industry-leading techniques to ensure your chimney is swept clean and remains safe.


Professionally installed chimney caps and chase covers are the best way to prevent damage from rain, animals, leaves and other debris.

Chimney relining

We reline unsafe or unlined flues with high-quality stainless steel liners with a lifetime warranty, making your home and chimney safer and more energy efficient.


Top Job Chimney Cleaning, LLC offers complete chimney repairs.

Fireplace restoration

Whether your fireplace is an antique that needs to be brought up to code or it has been damaged by fire, we have the resources to make your fireplace safe for use again.


We install gas logs and complete units to heat your rooms efficiently and comfortably.


We inspect and clean chimney and dryer vents in one- and two-story homes. Your thorough sweep includes a courtesy inspection to detect any issues that may pose a threat.

Gas log installation, replacements and cleaning

If you want to create an easy-to use gas-log fireplace, or need a professional cleaning of your current system, our experts are ready to assist you.

chimney smoke

Top Job Chimney Cleaning, LLC offers premier products to meet all your fireplace needs:

  • Buck Stoves
  • Hargrove Gas Logs
  • Napoleon Gas Logs
  • Superior Fireboxes
  • Lenox Fireboxes
  • And more!

Don’t wait another day to take advantage of the best chimney cleaning in Beaufort, SC. Contact your trusted chimney experts today at 843-694-7796.